Retrieves discussions (optionally for departments) based on the Created date.

Input parameters

Parameter Type Version Required Description
DepartmentID string id All no The identifier of the department to retrieve data from (or all if not provided)
FromDate date All no The start date
ToDate date All no The end date
PageStart integer All no The number of elements to skip in the result set.
PageSize integer All no The number of results in the returned set. This can be used to limit the returned set to less than the server maximum (this will not allow you to exceed the server page size, which is 1000 records in most cases.)

Return values

Parameter Type Version Description
Data json array All A JSON array of JSON objects with the mappings of fields to values
Truncated boolean All Whether or not the above JSON array is the complete result set, or if the server limited the returned results.
Next json object All If the method called supports it, and the data is truncated, the Next parameter will contain the necessary parameters to pass back to the same server method to get more results.
DiscussionID long All The identifier of the discussion to retrieve data from
WorkItemID byte All Unique identifier of the work item (chat or email) where the discussion was started from.
WorkItemType long All Type of the work item:
  • chat
  • email
DepartmentID long All Internal ID of the department that the chat was last assigned to.
OperatorID long All Internal ID of the agent who was last assigned to a chat record.
HelperID long All Unique ID of the Operator who helped the user who started the discussion.
LastACDStarted date All Date and time when the last event of the ACD routing began.
ACDAssignmentExpires date All Date and time when the current chat assignment event by the ACD expires.
Load double All The difficulty of the chat as defined by the rules engine.
Accepted date All Date and time when the discussion was accepted.
Ended date All Date and time when the chat was ended, either by the customer or agent.
Created date All Date and time when the chat message was created by clicking the Chat button, or by sending an invite.
Updated date All Date and time when the record was most recently updated.

Additional information

Maximum page size: 3000 records

Sample code

    "Status": "success",
    "Truncated": false,
    "Data": [
            "DiscussionID": "2686852163570584",
            "WorkItemID": "2467329198241294852",
            "WorkItemType": 4,
            "DepartmentID": null,
            "OperatorID": "1574900339341450",
            "HelperID": "2494186922453094",
            "LastACDStarted": null,
            "ACDAssignmentExpires": null,
            "Load": null,
            "Accepted": "2020-09-30T15:46:48.000Z",
            "Ended": null,
            "Created": "2020-09-30T15:46:42.873Z",
            "Updated": "2020-09-30T15:46:48.267Z"