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Bold360 Agent API and SDK

Bold360 Agent provides live agent based multi-channel engagement. It includes support for chat, email, message management, remote access, and co-browse. Its APIs and SDKs can be used to customize how your applications provide agent-based services.

Important: All Bold360 Agent API methods are applicable to BoldChat unless noted otherwise.

The Bold360 Agent API is a tool for retrieving information related to your Bold360 account and based on that information, recreate most of the functionality that Bold360 offers. Bold360 Agent API calls are launched by triggers that contain the conditions of making an API call. When a customer on your website clicks an element, such as a chat button, an API can be called to extend or modify that interaction.

To get right into working with the Bold360 API, visit our interactive page.

(For information about the Bold360 AI APIs and SDKs, see Bold360 AI APIs and SDKs.)

What can you do with the Bold360 API?

You can recreate the following Bold360 Agent functionality from your own application. With the API, you can do the following:

  • view chats, messages, and emails of an agent or a department
  • create and manage chats
  • retrieve chat transcripts
  • manage your agents and organize them into departments
  • view experiment groups
  • run custom reports
  • transfer chats between agents
  • enable Automatic Distribution for chats
  • manage canned messages for chats
  • view estimated waiting time for a department
  • view the active chat count of an agent
  • view chat invitations
  • list page views of an account
  • view conversions for a folder

For more information about the functionality that the API methods invoke, visit the Bold360 Agent Help Center.

Typically, the API is used for generating reports an managing conversations from your own application, but you can integrate all the above Bold360 functionality.

Before you start

To use the API, you need the following:

  • A Bold360 Plus, Bold360 ai, or BoldChat Enterprise subscription
  • Know your account ID and data residency which are necessary for making an API call
  • Create an API Settings key and set up triggers in the Bold360 Admin Center, which take about five minutes. See Set up your account to work with the Bold360 API.

Basic terminology

Account ID (AID)
Your account ID that is issued to you when you purchased your Bold360 subscription.
API Settings key
An API Settings key is required for authenticating REST API calls to the Bold360 servers. The API key contains your account information and an authentication code that are used to access Bold360 functionalities without logging in to the Bold360 Admin Center or to the Bold360 Agent Workspace. It consists of three parts, divided by colons:
The first part is your account ID, the second is the API Settings ID, and the third is your authentication code.
API Settings ID
The second part of your API Settings key. Only relevant if you want to test the API with our interactive page.
An API trigger defines the conditions of an API call to be invoked.
Hashed authentication token
The SHA-512-encoded hashed value of the API Settings key. You use this token for authentication when making an API call.
Data residency
Accounts in different data regions have different API endpoints. For US data region, the endpoint is, for the EMEA region, the endpoint is

Additional information

To test the API, see our interactive page.

For those who are new to API programming, there are numerous tutorials for HTML, XML, C#, and PHP programming available on the Internet that help you understand and reproduce the examples given on this website. Visit the following sites to find out more about the API programming code: