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    <title>Bold360 AI Seamless Chat with Fake Agent #1</title>
<h1>Custom Chat Provider - Seamless Chat with Fake Agent #1</h1>
<script type="text/javascript" src="conf.js"></script>
    //alert('BOLD360_AI_ACCOUNT is ' + BOLD360_AI_ACCOUNT);
    //alert('BOLD360_AI_DOMAIN is ' + BOLD360_AI_DOMAIN);
    //alert('BOLD360_AI_KBID is ' + BOLD360_AI_KBID);
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<p>Demonstrating the Custom Chat Provider, with the nanorep.sdk and a fake agent, that has already been added to this web page.</p>
<p>Please click CUSTOM CHAT UI below.</p>
<div id="demo-seamless" style="margin-top: 410px;"></div>
	kb: BOLD360_AI_KBID
nanorep.sdk.addChatProvider('TestSeamlessUI', {
  getCapabilities: function() {
    return {
      customUI: true,     // indicates that provider support seamless chat integration
      vendorUI: false,    // indicates that provider supports nativeUI within the page
      vendorPopup: false  // indicates that provider can open chat in a new window
  constructor: function(channel) {
    // a place to initialize chat provider instance (executed only once)
  isAvailable: function(callback) {
    // this method is used to report availability
    // just execute callback with truthy value to indicate that chat is available
  requestChat: function() {
    // this method is executed when widget is requesting chat with agent
    var self = this;
    setTimeout(function() {
      // simulate delay to show "waiting for agent..." state

      // simulate initial incoming message from agent
      self.emit('newMessage', { text: 'Hello there! Type anything and I will reply something!' });
    }, 1000);
  setVisitorTyping: function(isTyping) {
    // this method is executed when visitor starts/stops typing (isTyping is boolean value)
  getAgentName: function(callback) {
    // this method might be executed by widget to retrieve agent name
    callback('John Doe');
  sendMessage: function(message) {
    // this method is executed by widget when user submits the text (message argument is plain object with "text" property containing user input)
    var self = this;
    self.emit('agentTyping', true);
    setTimeout(function() {
      // simulate agent typing activity and show agent reply message by emitting "newMessage" event
      self.emit('agentTyping', false);
      self.emit('newMessage', { text: 'AGENT REPLY FOR: ' + message.text });
    }, 1000);
  endChat: function() {
    // this method is executed by widget when user wants to stop chat with agent
    this.emit('chatEnded'); // provider decides when chat is really terminated (additional confirmation dialogs or post-chat surveys might be shown)

// create actionbar instance with predefined channels
new nanorep.sdk.ChannelingBar({
  rechanneling: [
      actionEsc: '0',
      buttonText: 'Custom Chat UI',
      channel: '3',
      chatProvider: 'CUSTOM',
      description: 'first_custom_chat',
      isPopup: false,
      name: 'test_CustomChatProvider',
      popupSize: '200,200',
      providerConfig: 'meta config!',
      providerName: 'TestSeamlessUI'
}, document.getElementById('demo-seamless'));