Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center

Create a channeling policy for a custom chat provider

Follow these steps to create a channeling policy that will be used by a custom chat provider in a floating or embedded widget.

Prerequisites: Before performing this task, you should have a web page containing a floating widget. See Adding a widget to a web page.

About this task: This procedure creates a custom chat provider in the Bold360 AI Console. This is a prerequisite for several escalation procedures that integrate other services with Bold360 AI widgets.


  1. In the Bold360 AI Console, go to Engagement > Channeling.
  2. Click the Create channel button.
  3. Type a channel name and a description of the channel.

  4. Specify the conditions that should trigger the channel to activate. For example:

    You can trigger a channel based on text a customer types, an article that is returned, form values, the time or date, user feedback, whether agent-based chat is available, and more.

  5. Specify what should occur when the conditions you specified are met. For example, the escalation path shown here triggers a custom chat provider that must be defined in your web page using the addChatProvider() method.

  6. Click Save Settings.