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Bold360 AI Web API and SDK Reference

[Web API Calls and SDK]

What is the Bold360 AI Web API and SDK Reference?

This is the Bold360 AI Web API and SDK Reference. The Web API Calls and SDK link at the top of this page contains explanations for each web widget API call in Bold360 AI version v1. A download is provided at the bottom of that linked page.

Who should read this reference?

Intermediate, advanced, and expert developers can use this reference to look up web widget API and SDK call usage. If you are a beginning developer or new to Bold360 AI, we recommend that you first walk through the Getting Started section then return here once you master that information.

What is the overall view of the Bold360 AI Web API and SDK?

The Definitions page describes all of the web widgets in detail. The Finding the API you need page describes how to choose the web widgets to use. Use the Web API and SDK Calls and Download page to work with the web widget events and methods.

What are the prerequisites for calling the Web API and SDK?

Please see the Getting Started section.