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Workflow Management

Workflow management facilitates integration of Bold360 with environments that manage agent provisioning, work assignment and routing, such as telephony, workflow management and personnel provisioning systems.

Agent Provisioning

Learn about creating, editing and deleting agents via the Agent Provisioning.


Workflow management extends the functionality of the following triggers:
  • Agent Chat Count Changed
  • Agent Status Changed
  • Chat is unassigned

Learn more about triggers under Set up your account to work with the Bold360 API.

Usage Scenario Examples

Bold360 lets the external system make a decision about chat assignment

Once a customer initiates a chat, Bold360 posts an event message and waits for the external system to take action. The system can decide to do either of the following:

  • Query the Bold360 system about agent availability and execute an explicit call to Bold360 to assign the chat to a specific agent. This overrides Bold360's Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD) logic.
    Important: This does not suspend ACD. Once ACD assigns a chat, subsequent external assignment requests are ignored.
  • Do not execute a call to Bold360 and implicitly allow the ACD logic to function normally.

An agent rejects a chat assignment

If a chat needs to be reassigned, Bold360 posts an event message with the unassigned chat and customer data to the external system. The system can then decide as in the previous scenario.

Set agent status based on queue size and wait time

If the phone wait time exceeds a certain threshold, the external system can modify the status of the agent to reflect their workload.

Set agent status and queue assignment based on their current activity

An agent may chat with customers, make phone calls or answer emails when customers are not actively seeking help. According to what the agent is currently doing, the external system can do the following:
  • Automatically set the agent's chat or phone availability
  • Queue or dequeue the agent

Indicate when agents are engaged in an activity, such as being on the phone

Create custom agent statuses for commonly recurring activities, and set the agents' status automatically via API.