Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center

On-load (welcome) messages

To define a welcome message in the Bold360ai Console, do the following:

  1. Go to Touchpoints > Widgets.
  2. Click Personalize under the widget type that you want to modify.
  3. Select a knowledge base or URL to customize.
  4. On the Basics tab, define a welcome message in the Auto Question field.

Once configured, the article ID is accessible in the cnf response under the onloadQuestionId property.

The welcome article that you define in the Bold360ai Console, is displayed as the first message when a chat starts. Quick options and channeling of this article are accessible until the customer enters the first query.

A welcome article can be configured along side FAQs. Both elements are displayed when chat starts.

How to Customize the Welcome message

To start a chat with the BOT, a BotAccount is passed on the ChatController creation.Configure the needed customed welcome article id on that BotAccount object.
BotAccount account = new BotAccount(...);

// override console configured id or sets one if was not configured 

// disable the welcome message if configured in console
  • BotAccount configured welcome message id, overrides console configuration.

  • In order to prevent display of the welcome message, no matter if configured on the console, set welcome message id to BotAccount.None. (welcome message id null, does nothing)

  • If welcome message id was set to an invalid/non-existing article id, no welcome message will be displayed, error will be passed to ChatEventListener.onError.