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Returns all pre-set messages in the specified chat canned messages folder.

Input parameter

Parameter Type Required Description
FolderID numeric - ID code No

The chat canned messages folder to be listed.

If not provided, defaults to the root chat canned messages folder.

Additional information

Maximum page size: 500 records.

Request format

curl "$accountID/data/rest/json/v1/getChatCannedMessages?auth=$authHash&FolderID=$FolderID"

Return values

Parameters are provided in alphabetic order. See Sample code for probable output.

Parameter Type Description
Data text - heading JSON array heading that precedes report data output.
FolderID numeric The ID of the folder.
Keywords string List of keywords for online search optimization.
Language code - ISO 639

The message language.

  • If not provided, defaults to en.
  • Possible values: de, en, es, fr, it, ja, ko, nl, pt
Name string(30) The name of the folder as defined in the system.
SetupItemID numeric - ID Canned message identifier.
Status codes - set values "Success" when the call completes; "Error" when the call fails.
Subject string Subject of the email.
Text string Content of the message in HTML or text.

Sample code

"Status": "success",	
"Data": [	
	"SetupItemID": "445200406241354432",
	"Name": "welcome",
	"Text": "Hello, my name is ${login.BestChatName}, how may I help you?",
	"Keywords": "welcome",
	"Subject": null,
	"Language": "en",
	"FolderID": "445206065474815444"