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Use Bold360 reporting API calls to analyze and interpret the underlying data associated with site engagements and facilitate the transformation of data into actionable information.

Important: Reports generated through the API are not visible in Bold360 reports.

To retrieve reports, you must first generate the report with the runReport API call and then retrieve the generated report with the getReport call. The runReport call returns a ReportID value which must be passed as a parameter to the getReport method to retrieve the report data.


Starts generating a report; however, this method does not return report data. Report generation is run asynchronously, so you must call getReport to check the report status.

Sample code{accountID}/data/rest/json/v1/runReport?auth={authentication hash}&ReportType=0&Grouping=chat_type&FromDate=2017-11-05T08:15:30-05:00&ToDate=2018-03-05T08:15:30-05:00


    "Status": "success",
    "Data": {
        "ReportID": "874869657849833579"


Retrieves report data if it is available.

Parameter Type Required Description
ReportID string id yes The report you want to retrieve. This report id must be the one returned in the call to runReport.

Sample code{accountID}/data/rest/json/v1/getReport?auth={authentication hash}&ReportID=874869657849833579


    "Status": "success",
    "Data": { [...],
    "StatusCode": 4

Reports require time to be generated and cannot be immediately acquired. Depending on the generation status, the following codes are returned:

Code Status Description
0-3 Running The report is being generated.
4 Success The report is successfully generated.
5 Timeout The report took too long to generate.
6 Error The report failed to generate.
7 Cancel Report generation has been cancelled.