Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center


Returns operators (agents) for an account.

Input parameters


Request format

curl "$accountID/data/rest/json/v1/getOperators?auth=$authHash"

Return values

Parameters are provided in alphabetic order. See Sample code for probable output.

Parameter Type Description
AssignmentPriority integer A weighting that can be applied to departments or operators for ACD assignments:
  • 0 - Low priority
  • 1
  • 2 - Medium priority
  • 3
  • 4 - Urgent
AsyncService text - heading Messaging header.
Available Boolean T/F - Shows whether a service - SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - is available for access and use.
Capacity integer Quantity of chat assignments that can be made concurrently for a given service.
ChannelName string Name of the messaging channel in Bold.
ChatService text - heading Data header for a JSON array.
Data text - heading JSON array heading that precedes report data output.
DepartmentID numeric - ID code ID of the department.
Departments text - heading Heading for an array of department data.
Disabled Boolean Shows the operator's disabled status. Disabled operators cannot login.
Email string - legal email Email address of the message's sender, if available. Must contain an @ character.
EmailName string A personal name for the Operator in the From address of emails the operator sends.
EmailService codes - set values Data header showing an integer field, Capacity, and a Boolean field, Available.
FacebookService text - heading Data header for the Facebook service.
LoginID numeric - ID code Operator's Bold360 login ID.
Name string(30) The name of the folder as defined in the system.
OmniQueueService text - heading Header for Omni-queue channels available for the Operator.
PermissionGroupID numeric - ID code Unique ID for the billing system permission group.
Priority integer Indicates the priority/urgency of a chat as defined by the rules engine:
  • 0 - Lowest
  • 1 - Low
  • 2 - Medium
  • 3 - High
  • 4 - Highest
SmsService text - heading Header for SMS Service reporting.
SSONameID string The single sign-on ID of the operator.
Status codes - set values "Success" when the call completes; "Error" when the call fails.
TicketService text - heading Header for Bold360 Ticket Service reporting.
Truncated Boolean TRUE if results were shortened to fit the report, FALSE if full results for the report criteria were returned. If TRUE, you can filter down the results set or contact us to try to find a way to get at the data you are looking for.
TwitterService text - heading Header for Twitter Service reporting.
UserName string (max) The user name of the Operator.
Note: It cannot be changed later and must be unique.

Sample code

"Status": "success",	
"Truncated": false,	
"Data": [	
	"LoginID": "445201225474815444",
	"UserName": "bot_447307266697849894",
	"ChatName": "Bot",
	"Name": "Bot",
	"Email": "",
	"EmailName": null,
	"SSONameID": null,
	"Disabled": null,
	"PermissionGroupID": null,
	"OmniQueueService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"AsyncService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"Departments": [],
	"TwitterService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"SmsService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"EmailService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"FacebookService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"TicketService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false
	"ChatService": {
	"Capacity": 0,
	"Available": false