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Important: All requests must be HTTPS. All other requests will return an HTTP 403 error.


All requests must include basic http authorization with AccountID for user name and API access key for password. Requests without this header will return an HTTP 401 error. This is conforming to HTTP/1.0 conventions (rfc1945 section 11) as described in

An example API access key

Suppose the API access key is 2307475884:3FSsHVjb7Lfps.

You must use Base64 encoding on the API access key, in which case the request header contains the following:

Authorization: Basic MjMwNzQ3NTg4NDozRlNzSFZqYjdMZnBz


The API may return the following errors:

  • 401 (Unauthorized) – Authentication credentials are missing or invalid
  • 403 (Forbidden) – Request made without HTTPS