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HTTP status codes

The server issues a status code in response to a REST API request.

The Bold360 AI REST API may return the following HTTP status codes:

  • Success (2xx)
    • 200: Success. Note that this success condition is returned even in the case where a query was successfully executed but no matching results were found.
  • Redirection (3xx)
    • 300: The request has multiple choices available. The client should choose one of the options.
    • 301: Moved permanently. The client should redirect to the specified resource location and make future requests to that location.
    • 302: Redirect was found. The client should redirect to the specified resource location.
    • 303: See other. The client should issue a request to the same resource location using the GET method instead of whatever method was used.
    • 307: Temporary redirect. The client should repeat the request using the provided resource location.
  • Client errors (4xx)
    • 400: Bad request. The syntax is incorrect. For example, some required parameters are missing.
    • 403: Parameters required for authorization were not provided correctly.
    • 404: The specified endpoint was not found.
  • Server errors (5xx)
    • 500: The server failed to process a request. For example, this error may occur if you specify a text string for a parameter needing a numeric value, or if you have JSON input that is invalid.