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Retrieve chat transcript data

This pseudocode example iterates over chat messages and retrieves the transcript data.

Note: The getAllChatMessages and getChat methods correspond to the following cURL commands:
Method cURL command
curl "$accountId/data/rest/json/v1/getAllChatMessages?auth=$authHash"
curl "$accountId/data/rest/json/v1/getChat?ChatID=$chatID&auth=$authHash"
Note: Replace $chatID with the ID of the chat you want to query.
parameters = date range
    if allMessages has value
        parameters = allMessages.Next
        allMessages = getAllChatMessages(parameters)
        foreach message in allMessages
        if don’t have message.ChatID stored
            Chat = getChat(message.ChatID)
            save chat data
        add message to transcript data
} while allMessages.Next is not null