Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center

Bold360 AI APIs and SDKs

Bold360 AI provides chatbot and knowledge base support. Its APIs and SDKs can be used to customize how your web and other applications provide chatbot and related services.

For example, you can use Bold360 AI's APIs and SDKs to:

  • Customize web and mobile widgets for chatbot and knowledge base access.
  • Programmatically control actions performed by widgets.
  • Retrieve knowledge base articles based on a specific query.
  • Import and export knowledge base articles.
  • Interface widgets with 3rd party providers of chat, analytics, and other services.
  • … and lots more advanced functionality!

Bold360 AI provides the following sets of APIs and SDKs:

  • Web API and SDK: HTML and JavaScript code in your web pages controls how Bold360 AI widgets and custom UI components appear and behave. The API provides methods and events that you can control programmatically. The SDK provides access to individual controls that make up the widgets, such as query boxes, FAQ lists, feedback queries, and sharing controls. The API and SDK provide advanced customization that is not available through the Bold360 AI Console.
  • REST API: Your code uses URLs to call HTTPS endpoints on the server. Bold360 AI provides many API endpoints. The server responds by sending a JSONP (JSON with Padding), XML, or CSV response payload. The server also returns standard HTTPS response codes to indicate errors or success. (This type of API is sometimes called a "core API" or "server-side API.")
  • Android SDK: Your Android code uses this SDK to control Bold360 AI widgets in your mobile app.
  • iOS SDK: Your iOS code uses this SDK to control Bold360 AI widgets in your mobile app.